How to Blend in with London Fashion

Visiting London and have no idea how to blend in well as a Londoner. It has to be colorful, block colors, precise and well clean. It is as simple as that. If you are really getting down to some serious London Fashion streak, you might want to try some of the below combinations:

London is a cool and damp place. So it kind of supports more of lose up tops and tights underneath. This is the usual attire followed almost all around London. Since it is shinier during spring as compared to so-called summers of London, you might want to go with some vintage glam. This is colorful and iconic. Put on some thigh highs to match your tank top or the halter.

For winters, give a go to Top Shop, H&M, and Warehouse. In London, since the unpredictability of the weather, a jacket or coat is always handy which definitely complements the shirt you are donning for the day.

For Men, fine tailoring is eye candy of course as nothing gives the best charm to the overall look but the fine seamless tailored attire. The corporate look, like always is mostly in which can be coupled with a multi-purpose jacket. Add in a scarf and aren’t you already a well-dressed Londoner?

For Women, they can easily experiment with a lot of styles and get away with it like it’s no one’s business. Thigh high boots are highly appreciated. Recently, the fashion week inspired street look is also encouraged a lot. Especially the ripped jeans with loose tank tops along with the wedges – sounds a bit outdated and yet the colors and stripes on the same garb can be quite head turning.

So, once your blend in with London Fashion why not visit the London Fashion Week and get the most out of your trip.